No. 14

I have wandering

In my heart. From thought to thought

And place to place, it


Takes me to places

Dreamed, imagined, and unknown,

Like a passport to



It’s here I meet my Hope- He’s

Solid as a Rock

No. 10

Had been sick for weeks

“Heal my body,” I prayed and

God placed me afar.


Fresh air and changes

Of pace, places, people. Now?

Healthy and renewed.


This extravagance

I so don’t deserve, yet my

Open hands received.


A lesson for me:

“Meredith, receive in full

Yes, in your weakness


I know you like the

Stripes on zebras that run while

Your tears stream in awe


You’re my beloved,

Stop such striving and receive:

You’re Love-ly to me.”

No. 4

I experience

God in glimpses, like the way

Sunlight squeezes in


Through uneven cracks

In my old blinds, room by room,

As they day goes on


I chase it & then

Before I’m aware, I hide

From what’s creeping in


As sure as the Sun

Rises, I want to trust God

& see Him in full